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. october 25th marks the first eviction of the occupy encampment outside of city hall. police urging protesters if you go out, to please remain peaceful. >>> i tell you what, we may as well call this one deja torture all over again. the giants clinging to playoff life trying on avoid flatline status in the series. this comes after the 8-1 loss. they trail st. louis, 3-1. win today or kiss the world series dreams good-bye. we are hoping that is not going to happen. scott rece is live in st. louis right now. scott, the giants turning to mr. barry zito to keep the season alive. >> reporter: yeah, jon, backs against the wall again just like in cincinnati a week ago and in the case in cincinnati, it will be barry zito with the team needing three straight wins to advance to the next round. zito did not pitch well last wednesday, but the giants managed to win the ball game and they won the next two. that is why we are here in st. louis. zito has been a good luck charm for the team. if you go back six weeks, the giants have won his last 12 starts. including last wednesday when he did not pit
over the city by the bay. that bodes well for the game. 5:07 is first pitch. i think we will see the winds pick up out of the west/northwest. as they do, that could carry the ball out to mccovey cove. temperatures will be mild at 67 degrees. certainly going to be a factor that could equal a splashdown. >> thank you very much. >>> we are following developing news out of san francisco where police just gave the all clear after a suspicious package found near the medical center. a bomb squad was called in to investigate just before 8:00 this morning in the area of third avenue and parnassus. they found a shoe box with a cylindrical device. streets were closed in the area, but they are all now back open. >>> a bay area professor who dropped out of high school is now a nobel prize recipient. alvin roth has been awarded the prize in economic sciences. he is known for being one of the first micro economic engineers recognized for contributions for the practice of market design. when roth was a junior, he dropped out of high school in queens, new york. he eventually graduated from columb
of violence has san jose city leaders calling for action yet again. >>> and the first presidential debate now in the books, the surprising reaction from analyst and voters right here in the bay area. hear who they think came out on top and why. the news at 11:00 starts now. >>> good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. it was a deadly night out on the streets of san jose as police investigate two separate homicides just four hours and only four miles apart. homicides number 35 and 36 this year alone. bob redell is live at the police department. you just attended a press conference there, getting more information about the latest run of violence. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. san jose in the past has prided itself on being america's safest big city has just racked up homicides number 35 and 36 for the year. police believe one of them is gang-related. when we spoke with sapd within the past hour, the officer wondered if the city's still had its gang tax force if that task force was still intact. a gro
. if you are thinking about coming into the city, it will be difficult trying to get here. first off, transit agencies suggest you buy your ticket now. b.a.r.t. will be running on a rush hour schedule. muni will reroute lines. they have a lot of lines up and down market that will be impacted. they will add shuttle buses. golden gate transit will have buses. by the way, caltrain will be running additional trains as well. if you do have to be downtown, keep in mind, they will start the shutdown of market and off streets at 9:30. they should be back open by 5:00. we will have special access during the celebration. you will want to tune in. our coverage begins tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> it will be complete panda-monium. >> i don't follow. you get the reference? >> reporter: what is she talking about? >> go ahead. read the prompter. >> telling jokes to nobody coming up. >> please, please keep it down. thank you for being here tonight. >> jimmy, i know the feeling, my man. how the hurricane put a damper on the late night t
are closed. in addition to the evacuation in the big apple, also a number of other cities on the east coast. wall street shutdown for the first time since the september 11th attacks. it gives you an idea of how bad sandy is expected to be. sandy leaving a mark on parts of north carolina. these are pictures from curo beach 30 miles north of wilmington. rising tides flooded homes. as many as 50 million people are in that hurricane's path. >> let's get right to meteorologist christina loren who has been tracking hurricane sandy all morning long. >> this is something that meteorologists can only dream up. when you think of all of the interesting components that are coming together and the timing of the storm. let's take you out live and show you the seas are getting very violent out here at dewey beach in delaware. 100 miles away from this location and feeling the impact of the brunt of the outer bands of sandy. hurricane sandy gained strength after crossing the loop current. it is a warm current in the atlantic. they move north bay and they lose that intensity. she has strengthened. maximum su
and swam to shore for help. the body of the first missing man washed ashore on monday. the two men who died were not wearing life jackets. >>> demanding justice. protesters taking over the city council meeting in oakland last night demanding more information on a deadly police shooting that happened five months ago. the family and about 75 supporters of 18-year-old alan bluford packed the chambers for two hours. the family was given a copy of the police report. something they have been asking the police for since the shooting happened. bluford was shot and killed back in may after police say he tried to run away. police said he was killed in an exchange of gunfire that injured the police officer. they later changed the story and the gun believed to be bluford's believed to be recovered from the scene was not. the district attorney and oakland police are still investigating the shooting. >>> the protest comes as a federal report comes to light accusing oakland police of being too quick to pull the trigger. a court-appointed monitor says officers sometimes shoot at suspects even though they m
the vote is the first modern test of the idea of official misconduct. today's vote will be held at city hall at 2:00. in order for mirkarimi to lose his job, 9 of 11 supervisors need to vote against him. >>> and this morning, a judge handing down sentencing for jerry sandusky. the former penn state assistant football coach being sent to prison to serve 30 to 60 years behind bars for sexually abusing ten different boys. at 68 years old, the judge surprisingly felt the sentence for sandusky was sentence, sufficiently amounting to a life sentence. he arrived this morning to a pennsylvania courtroom to face 45 counts related to child sexual abuse. sandusky to this day maintains he is innocent of all charges. >>> how much will pg&e pay for that deadly san bruno blast? the answer will be decided behind closed doors. the judge has approved a request to suspend public hearings and hold closed-door negotiations on this matter. local lawmakers are protesting this decision. they say the pipeline talks should not be hidden from public scrutiny. the judge says the suspension will allow a quicker set
. >> let's give them the good news first. much cooler weather on the way. today, the heat wave continues and everything i'm looking at with all the clear skies overhead. it leads me to believe it will be hotter in some cities today than yesterday. the reason why is the ridge which has been nudged to the north. look at this. this is highly unusual to see fresno not even as warm as monterrey. 89 degrees. close to 90 on the ocean. that is because of offshore flow. it pushes the marine air back out to sea. it is as if the pacific ocean is not there to keep us cool. this is the hottest point again today. 84 degrees already in pleasanton. we will top out warmer today. as of this time tomorrow, we will talk about the low 80s and upper 70s as opposed to 90s. in the tri-valley, we will get cooler and bring in showers and the 70s toward the weekend. the seven-day forecast tells us a story. i'll get to that coming up. >>> thank you. shock and disbelief in the east bay. teachers and students in albany are trying to come to terms with the news that a popular middle school teacher is dead. his dead co
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8